PNB Corporate Net Banking Registration & Login Procedure

By | October 18, 2017

PNB Corporate Net Banking service can be avail anytime & anywhere. This is very quick, easy and convenient way of Internet Banking.

The Punjab National Banking KYC compliant. PNB Corporate Customer can avail this facility of PNB Corporate Net Banking.

The PNB provide instant registration & activation to the PNB Corporate Customer. By availing this facility of Corporate Internet Banking.

The customer got quick view facility of their account details/ Cheque Inquiry/ Statement of the account/ Nominee details.

PNB also provide the easy limit setting process & Beneficiary Management System in this Corporate Account.

The PNB Corporate Customer can do the Fund Transfer to other PNB account… Inter-Bank fund transfer through NEFT & RTGS.

They can also set a schedule for Future Transaction. There is a provision for recurring payment for PNB Corporate Customer.

They can pay their Utility Bill & Service payment such as Mobile Bill… Electricity Bill… and Telephone Bill etc…

The PNB Corporate Net Banking can use for ticket book of Railway/Airlines. Means, the customer use this everywhere. Like, To pay the Government Taxes (GST)… Unchargeable payment to various educational institutions.

It’s can be for Donations and Subscriptions for example – Golden Temple… Guruvayur Temple… Kerela… Puri and Radha Soami Satsang… Shri Jagannath Temple… and charitable institutes/Organization.

PNB Corporate Net Banking Security Features:- PNB provide Set Login Time Restrictions. The corporate account holder can Add/Modify and Delete the Beneficiaries as per the need.

The customer can set the access level for the user on the account for example. On Complete Account access, User Level access, No of Beneficiaries level access.

PNB use IBS Shield in which the user needs to set his Image, Phrase & register for seven challenge questions.

PNB Corporate Net Banking

How to do PNB Corporate Net Banking Registration

The PNB Corporate Customer (Authorized Signatory) needs to visit any of the nearest Punjab National Bank Branch. And, submit the request form for PNB Corporate Internet Banking which can be download from here.

Please Click on PNB Corporate Internet Banking Registration Form. After downloading the form. Take a print out and fill the form as per the details asked in the form.

Submit to the nearest PNB Branch. The customer will get their Corporate ID, Administrator User ID & Password immediately.

The Corporate ID identifies the Corporate and is common for Admin User and Other Users.

But, the Administrator has to perform all the Admin activities on the account.

Including the creation of Users for Performing Transactions on the account. If needed for the Admin User ID & Password.

How to do Corporate Net Banking Login?

  • Visit
  • Click on “Corporate User”
  • Corporate Admin put Corporate ID, Admin User ID, and Password. But, Other users will use Corporate ID. And, their respective User ID & Login Password. As, set by the Corporate Administrator of the account.
  • On first time login, the user will be prompted to enter the OTP. That will receive the registered Mobile Number of the Admin User.
  • The user needs to set Seven Challenge Question/Answers, Phrase. And, Select an image as PNB use IBS Sheild for PNB Corporate Banking for Security Reason.
  • The user also will be forced to change the Password.

How to Create Users for Login & Transaction in Corporate Net Banking by Administrator?

Please follow the below-mentioned steps. To Create Users for Login & Transaction under your PNB Net Banking Account.

  • Click on the “Corporate Admin” option
  • Go to “User Maintenance” option.
  • Click on “Create New” button.
  • Enter the First Name and Last Name of that particular user.
  • Select Manu Profile from the drop-down for Login & Transaction (CUSER). Or Login Only (CVIEW).
  • Select Customer ID Access Indicator, Division Access Indicator.
  • Enter Mobile Number (User will receive an OTP on this number). And, Email ID of the User.
  • Click on “Continue” button.
  • Enter OTP (Received on the Registered Mobile Number of Administrator). Then, click “Submit” to authenticate.
  • User ID will be Created.
Customer ID Access
(applicable in case of corporate
having multiple Customer IDs)
GlobalGrant access to all accounts under all Customer IDs.
LocalGrant access to all accounts under limited Customer IDs.
Division Access
(applicable in case of corporate
having multiple Divisions)
GlobalGrant access to all accounts under all divisions.
LocalGrant access to all accounts under limited divisions.

Now Administrator will Set Password for User:-

  • Select the User for which Password needs to be set.
  • Click on “Set Password” button.
  • Select Check Box for setting Password. Then, set the Passwords manually.
  • Enter OTP (Received on the Registered Mobile Number of the Administration).
  • Click on “Submit” button to confirm setting of Password.

FAQ’s for Net Banking Services (Retail & Corporate Banking).

  1. How to do PNB Net Banking Registration Online New User? | PNB Net Banking Kaise Kare

PNB Retail Account Holder can Register online for Net Banking facility.  And, PNB Mobile Banking Registration Online New User. Please follow the below steps.

  • Visit
  • Click on Retails Button.
  • Now, Click on the New user Option.
  • Select “Internet Banking/Mobile Banking or Both.
  • Feed your Account Number & Select “Type of Facility” (Linke View & Transaction or View only).
  • Enter OTP Password as received on your Registered Mobile Number.
  • Now Enter Debit Card Number & ATM PIN.
  • Set your Login & Transaction Password. A successful Registration message will display on Screen.

2. How to do PNB Mobile Number Registration?

There are some options for Mobile Number Registration in PNB.  The customer update mobile number in PNB by these 3 options.

  • By visiting any PNB ATM.
  • By visiting any PNB Branch.
  • The customer can also call PNB Customer Care @ 18000 180 2222.

3. What are the PNB mobile banking charges?

There are no charges for using Mobile Banking. But, when the customer does the fund transfer through Mobile Banking or Internet Banking. The Bank charged to the customer for that only not for using Mobile Banking.

4. Which one is the PNB mobile banking registration form?

PNB 1167 is the Mobile Banking Registration form in PNB. Please Click on PNB 1167  to Download it.

Final word:- We have shared some useful information on PNB Corporate Net Banking. Hope, you also find it same. If you have any feedback for us. Please let us know in the comment saction. Or if you like this page. Please press CTRL+D to Bookmark this Site for future reference.

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