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By | October 19, 2017

PNB IMPS Service Using Internet Banking, Mobile Banking & ATM: – PNB Digital Banking provides the IMPS facility for the customer through Net Banking, Mobile Banking & ATM’s as well.

The PNB account holder can transfer fund 24X7 within the Bank or Other Bank Accounts. PNB IMPS works on urgent basis as IMPS stands for Immediate Payment Service.

The Funds can be transferred using MMID & Mobile Number or Account Number & IFSC.

The best thing about IMPS is you can use this service. IMPS works even on Bank Holidays such as Saturday, Sunday and other Holiday.

Means you can use this service throughout the year. The customer can do IMPS using the following facility.

Internet Banking
Mobile Banking


How to do Registration of PNB IMPS through ATM – One-time activity

Please follow the below-mentioned step in order to do Registration of PNB IMPS through ATM. It is a one-time activity.

  • Inset Your Debit Card at any of the PNB ATM
  • Select “Fund Transfer” Option on the Screen.
  • Select “Immediate Payment Service” or IMPS.
  • Then, Select “Registration” option on the screen.
  • Enter “Mobile Number” registered with Punjab National Bank for SMS Alerts.
  • Confirm Mobile Number by re-entering the same Mobile Number.
  • All the account linked to the card will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select any one account number & press submit.
  • On Successful response, the message will be displayed – Transaction Processed Successfully & MMID of the account will be printed on the receipt.
  • In case of Invalid/mismatched mobile number, the activity will be declined with response code 98.

NOTE:- All the Operative account linked to the Debit Card can be registered for IMPS one by one with the Similar Procedure.

How to do IMPS Fund Transfer through ATM? |

To do PNB Money Transfer through ATM. Please follow the below-mentioned step.

  • Insert Your Debit Card at any of the PNB ATM.
  • Select on “Fund Transfer” option on the screen.
  • then “Immediate Payment Service” IMPS.
  • Select “Fund Transfer” on the screen.
  • Enter the Beneficiary’s Mobile Number.
  • Enter the amount to be transferred.
  • Select Account type – Saving or Current.
  • The system will display all the account mapped to the account type. Choose the desired account number.
  • Confirmation Screen will be displayed stating entered Beneficiary Mobile Number, MMID & Amount.
  • Check the details & Press “Proceed” button.
  • On Successful response ATM will display the message – Transaction Processed successfully and reference Number & Amount will be printed on the receipt.

How to Transfer money from PNB net banking to Other bank?

Please follow the below steps for PNB money Transfer to Another account.

  • Login into Net Banking Portal.
  • First of all, you may choose the respective account. In which you want to Transfer Money.
  • Then, Choose option 2 for Transfer money to other Bank account.
  • Choose, RTGS for more than Rs. 200000 Transaction. And, NEFT for up to Rs. 200000.
  • Enter the Transaction Password.
  • Do Confirm.


  • What is IMPS?

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) is an instant interbank electronic fund transfer service.

The bank is extending it through various channels such as ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, etc.

All the Public Sector & Major Private Banks are participating in IMPS.

  • What is MMID?

Mobile Money Identification Number (MMID) is a seven digit unique number for an account, out of which the first four digits are the unique identification number of the bank offering IMPS.

PNB customers can generate the MMID through Mobile banking, Internet banking & ATMs.

What is the daily limit of the transaction through IMPS in PNB?

Rs. 50,000/- per day. However, through SMS & NUUP variants, the limit is Rs.5000/- per day.

  • Which details are required in Order to add beneficiary an IMPS remittance?

To add a beneficiary to the account to transfer fund. Following details are required.
MMID based transfer:
MMID of the beneficiary
Mobile number of the beneficiary
Name of the beneficiary

  • IFSC based transfer:

Account Number of the beneficiary
IFS Code
Name of the beneficiary
To enquire the IFSC Code Click Here

  • How long does it take for the funds to be credited to the beneficiary account?

The funds transfer on real time basis without any delay

  • Can a client receive remittance using the mobile number other than the one registered with the bank?

The customer can receive funds using the registered mobile number only.

Charges on PNB Fund Transfer

  • What are the PNB IMPS Service Charges?

PNB imps charges Rs.5/- + Service tax per IMPS transfer. However, for updated information, please visit Fees link at Bank’s Corporate website

  • What are the PNB RTGS Charges?

RTGS Charges in PNB are following:-

Upto Rs.10000/-*Rs. 2.50 + GST
Above Rs10,000/- to Rs.1,00,000/-*Rs.5.00 + GST
Above Rs.1,00,000/- to Rs.2,00,000/-Rs. 15.00 + GST
Above Rs.2,00,000/-Rs.25.00 + GST
  • What are the PNB NEFT Charges? | NEFT Charges PNB to SBI

 NEFT Charges in PNB are following:-

Upto Rs.10000/-*Rs. 2.50 + GST
Above Rs10,000/- to Rs.1,00,000/-*Rs.5.00 + GST
Above Rs.1,00,000/- to Rs.2,00,000/-Rs. 15.00 + GST
Above Rs.2,00,000/-Rs.25.00 + GST
  • What are the GST on NEFT?

GST Charges is 18% of NEFT Charges.

  • How much is PNB Check Book Charges?

Bank provides a Cheque Book of 100 Leaves Per Quarter.

  • Are there any PNB Net Banking Charges Per Year?

No, There is no charges for that. But, when the customer does Money Transfer Transaction. The Bank applies charges in real-time.

  • What is the PNB ATM withdrawal limit per day?

The ATM withdrawal limit per day is Rs. 25000 with a limit of Rs. 15000.

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